Comic-Con 2016 Trailer
Season 7 Preview


As always, I am super excited for and completely dreading the premiere of The Walking Dead on October 23. Until then, I get to imagine what's to come. No matter what I imagine, I'm sure the series will go a way that is even more harsh and horrific and full of unforgettable performances.

I hardly ever talk about The Walking Dead, yet it's been one of my favorites since its first season. I didn't even watch TWD back when it debuted, and then a few weeks later my brother told me I had to. For the last six years I haven't regretted a moment, no matter how desperate, sad, lonely, terrifying, nerve-destroying, or even sickening it got. The story is such a bleak one, but the characters are written so raw and realistic and broken, and the actors couldn't be better.

I came here tonight to post the newest promos from AMC. It seems, though, that they are exclusive to Superhero Hype right now. Instead, I'll post what you've likely already seen a couple dozen times: the Comic-Con trailer. It gave me chills. Hopefully, anyone who hasn't seen the show will get curious and feel enough of something to try it out.

And speaking of Comic-Con, I still haven't seen the panel from this year, or any panel from any of my shows for that matter. I might as well include that, too; it might remind me to take the time to watch, even if I have to put off work.


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