Ross Marquand
Live Q&A Video


"It's the apocalypse. Don't let it get you down."

While I was working this morning, I just happened to look at my notifications at the exact moment @RossMarquand (Aaron on The Walking Dead) tweeted that he was about to do a Facebook live stream.

If you haven't seen my monster post on HSB, and you have a day off, you can read more about why Aaron and Ross are fantastic and why I love this season of misery.

Anyway, there were just 11 minutes before the live stream started. I was preoccupied and couldn't think of a question. I haven't been making a list of things I've wanted to ask, so I was just going to find the stream and listen in. But I did decide to leave a little thanks. The questions were zipping by on the screen, so there's no chance he would notice it, but just in case.

"Don't have a question. I just love how Aaron has been the beating heart of Alexandria and was so important to HSB. It's wonderful how you're getting more to do. Now don't let them kill you off.

It took a few minutes to find the stream, then a few minutes to decide on and type what I wanted to say. By then it was half over. Only then did I think of getting a few quotes, but these are good ones. And be sure to watch the video below.

"I like when people read to me. You wanna read to me?"

"I don't trust art installation people at all. They're weird."

"Abraham was such a sexy, sexy man..."


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