Thank You to the Fans
100th Episode Pre-Season Video


“This has been beyond anyone's wildest dreams, what happened with the show... Never thought that eight years in, when I woke up from that hospital bed, that I'd still be here. So, yeah, it's an incredible ride, and I wanna thank you all for being part of it.”
—Andrew Lincoln

How the heck did I ever forget to post this? It came out a week ago and everyone must have seen it by now, but I had to put it here because this video is wonderful. I adore these people. I love this show to death. If you've watched one episode, or all of them five times through, you can see the commitment to this world that's been created. If you've watched any interviews, or all of them, you know that they work tirelessly and do everything they can to get the most out of themselves. A thank you to the fans for getting them to 100 episodes is just the kind of thing you would expect them to do. It's always nice to be appreciated.

I feel like I've lived lifetimes in just six seasons of a television show, which says to me that it's not just a television show.
—Lauren Cohan

Thank you for going on this journey with us and making us work really hard to make a really cool show.
—Norman Reedus

Can't wait for the new season and for Negan to get what he deserves, though I'll miss Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the incredible tension he added.

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