The Blacklist
Season 4, Episode 4 Recap


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"I thought I could make it better, that I could protect my baby. I mean, that's my one job: to protect my child, make her feel safe at any cost, to hold her, to tell her everything's gonna be okay. But now because of me, because of what I've done, I can't even do that."
—Liz to Red

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Well, things have not gone to plan. I gave myself a project for the 2016-2017 TV season. I was going to tweet every episode of my five favorite dramas and then gather those tweets into post form, sprinkling in more commentary here and there. The only one I managed to finish was The Walking Dead S7E8, which took weeks, as is the usual for me when I get hung up on one amazing episode. So, the whole summer passed me by and I had nothing to show for it. But I'm not giving up on this project. I'm just turning it in past due, and making sure I don't have a two-season pile up by next May. Good luck to me.

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Goodbye to Marty, "the best damn mechanic in the business." This actor dies well. I'm impressed.

Actions speak louder than words, dear, and your actions have been all about taking.

Be careful of this man, Liz. Selfishness seems to overpower love in Kirk.

I'm sure I've said this before, but it's so much fun seeing how much Glen gets under the normally cool, calm, and collected Red's skin. He always says something exasperating and gets away with it, because Red needs him. Their scenes are just delightful comedic break.

Didn't need to wait very long to find out that, yes indeed, "creepy bag of nuts" is the right way to describe him. But Rippy is compelling nonetheless.

I mean, he's going to try, but he's going to fail. Go ahead, underestimate Mr. Kaplan. It'll be that much easier for her to escape.

"Picasso said it took four years to paint like Rafael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. They live in a delightful space somewhere between dreams and reality -- taste color, hear shapes, see sounds. We should all have such special needs.
There is a child. Her life hangs in the balance. I believe Skyler's doctor could save her."
—Red to Maya

I love how you can see that terrible ache in Red whenever he's thinking about the life he lost.

Red knows exactly how Liz feels. He can't stand not to comfort her, and every time he holds her, it's the sweetest thing.

Kate's chained to the bed. Oh, this guy is going to get it. I hope. Will she kill him or win him over with her story? We'll just have to stay tuned.

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