Fleece Blankets and Hopes for Rick
Season 9 Preview


You're not saving the world.
You're just getting it ready for me.
—Negan to Rick

It has been a terribly long time since I posted anything on this site. I haven't even watched the Comic-Con panel for The Walking Dead this year, let alone have a chance to talk about it. Things weren't meant to be this way. Life got insanely busy and frustrating, with work piled on top of work; and this summer I was laid up every single day of July, August, and September with a super annoying health problem out of nowhere that just now, knock on wood, may be clearing up in October.

Even though I'm still down for the count, I'm feeling somewhat better (knock on wood), possibly well enough to get back to resuscitating my small business. If you'd like to help with that, you can treat yourself to something nice with these Walking Dead fleece throws I have for sale from Regal Comfort. Perfect for this time of year, though not quite in time for the premiere tonight.

Michonne: These super soft, warm, queen size blankets (96" x79") depicting TWD's kick-ass katana-wielding warrior are stored at various Amazon warehouses, so they're eligible for and will be shipped via Amazon Prime. Cuddle up under these during every episode and be comforted while the show plays with/completely destroys your emotions.

Rick, Daryl, and Negan: All these wonderful guys are not yet available from me via Amazon Prime, since I haven't had a chance to send them into a warehouse. They will be available at some point, but for now they're waiting for me to pack them off to new, loving homes. Until then, you can buy them from other sellers.

By the way, when I put Negan in the same sentence as the word "wonderful," I'm actually talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who brings Negan to brutal, egomaniacal life. That's the power of the writing and acting on this series, giving us a glimpse into the emotions and thoughts and rationalizations of even someone so monstrous. I'll never forget what he did, but he's mesmerizing and terrifying, even behind bars.

Speaking of mesmerizing performers, I don't know how I'll cope with Rick's death. And let's be honest here, I know there's no way they'd let him go without killing him off. Death is the only option 99.9% of the time. This is too big a loss, and Rick would never just leave the group. He stuck it out through everything, survived it all. Even after Carl died, he picked up the pieces and carried on with his vengeance, even while his grief was consuming him and he probably wished it would finish the job. That his vengeance in the end turned softer as the last words of a fine young man who understood that the fighting had to stop solidified his determination to bring his group into the future rather than to give up and strike out on his own.

After Negan's defeat, we finally saw Rick start to heal, and we see him moving forward with Michonne and Judith in the previews. As the beating heart of the series from the first moment, I have always wished and hoped that Rick whould have an ending that suits him that also leaves room for his return; not as a ghost or only a director, but on screen as a living, breathing character. Now I'm just wishing and hoping that Rick gets an ending like Madison Clark from Fear the Walking Dead had, something so brave and necessary and that doesn't feel like it could have gone any other way. They would want to give him something as definitive and final. Madison's exit felt like the first line in the saddest parallel, a prequel and companion to the pain of another fierce, inspirational leader's end.

I keep thinking of how Michonne will deal with this, after all they've been through. I think of when she almost lost him at the abandoned carnival, and he said either one of them could go on without the other? Right in that moment, I thought they were getting us ready to lose Rick. I tried putting it out of my mind, because Rick's death is the one I thought I never could survive as a viewer and continue to watch the show. (I will continue, though, and continue to adore it, because everyone is amazing on it.) Then the entirety of last season, from the first second to when he was bleeding under the tree after defeating Negan, with those distraught, far-away eyes they showed all those times before, I thought it had to be the end for him.

Then season 8 ended with a promise of a future for everyone and I felt so relieved. But the rumor came and then the confirmation. As much as someone can be devastated over the loss of a TV character, while not being cuckoo bananas, I felt a lot of hurt. It's harder knowing I've lost more than 20 favorite characters in a few short years, more than half of them all-time top favorites lost this February to May alone. Yes, I have been invested, as we all are sometimes with the shows we love. I've been as nervous about this as I was for all those months waiting to find out who Negan chose to be what we thought was his one victim. This won't be easy and I hope they do more than right by Rick Grimes, one of television's greatest characters, and Andrew Lincoln, one of the greatest, most generous, most heartfelt performers ever known.

Want to get really teary-eyed? Read the tribute letters to Andy from the people who loved and worked with him. (via Entertainment Weekly)

Speaking of heartfelt performers, Rest in Peace Scott Wilson. The sage Hershel Greene was one of the best, bravest people in The Walking Dead, and his influence resonates to this day. 😔


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