Peter Capaldi
Someone You Loved
Music video


Now the day bleeds into nightfall
And you're not here to get me through it all
—Lewis Capaldi, "Someone You Loved"

On the heels of the Rick Grimes tribute video, we have another video starring someone extraordinarily talented, whom I have not had the opportunity to gush about for a really long time. "Someone You Loved" has been out for many months now, but I kept putting off watching it until I then forgot about it, which is a shame. This one is not fan-made, but an original work from an artist I've heard but I'm not too familiar with, that somehow ended up being exactly what I've always needed from an actor I adore: a very intimate portrait of the heart and loss and second chances.

Peter Capaldi | ©

Super sad. Unbearably beautiful. So bittersweet I don't know what to do with myself. I never knew the elements I'd imagined would eventually come together in the form of a 4-minute music video set to a wonderful song that I could listen to endlessly on repeat. Substitute any of my favorite people into the video, like Andrew Lincoln or Clark Gregg, and I would have been just as elated, but Peter Capaldi beat them to the punch that I didn't think anyone would throw.

I must confess, though, that I was confused at first. Peter's character was obviously looking broken and it was obvious that he was losing his wife to some illness. Then this other family came into the story and the woman with the surgical scar put his hand on her chest--showing how good Peter is with one poignant reaction that makes you want to find out all about him, if you didn't know already, and see everything he's ever been in. Then it flashed back to an intimate moment between him and his wife and a stethoscope.

Peter Capaldi | ©

That's where it happened, near the end. Somehow I had confused the two women in those back-to-back scenes, thinking I was seeing just one person and got lost from there. While the little girl was giving Peter her drawing, immediately followed by him standing on the train station platform with his earbuds in again, my brow furrowed and I started skimming comments. Within seconds I came to realize, through someone else's insight, that the whole time he'd been listening to his wife's heart, recorded before she died, and this other woman was the recipient of that heart. The loudest Homer Simpson "D'oh!" went off in my head at that point. It's pretty obvious when you don't think two people are one person. So, yeah, this one is a tear-jerker, and appropriately wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey for a Doctor Who fan. ;)

All this confusion could have have been avoided had I just read the description before diving into the video, which is what I usually do, but the always annoying and distracting autoplay distracted me. Peter distracted me, too, because he's one of those mesmerizing performers who makes me drop whatever I'm doing. Wish I'd done so all those months ago so this post could have been a bit more timely.

There are a few more things after the ad.

Now, before we part ways, how about a couple Doctor Who videos set to the same song? Vidders got on this immediately and there are some good, emotional edits.

My goodness, I had a difficult time trying to title this post. Here's what went through my head before I could publish:
"Obviously, this is mainly about Peter Capaldi for me. But he's inextricably linked to Doctor Who and I found DW videos using the same song, so it's become about him and the show, not just the song. I have naming rules where I use specific fonts for shows and have the series title at the top and I want to stick to that. Peter isn't a show, but I want to use the Doctor Who-esque font I have. Ugh, but I might change my mind later...nah, the tags will suffice to categorize. That's it, use the DW font and "Peter Capaldi" as the heading. He will always be in DW font now, even if I'm talking about something completely different, because he was so influential and brilliant there."


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