Poets of the Fall Selected Lyrics


Poets of the Fall Selected Lyrics

"It's bending your will like a willow tree twisting
Trying to regain it's form."
~ Poets of the Fall, Change

These are the best of the best lyrics from one of my favorite artists, the passages that are the most rhythmic, most melodic, most beautiful or interesting or captivating. So, this is not a repository of lyrics, but just a taste. Read them, listen to them, fall in love with this band. Then go and explore the rest of their music beyond this site, because it's all worthwhile.

I seem to find a new band to fall in love with every couple years, and with Poets of the Fall, I fell hard. I must have listened to PotF the most, over all other favorites, since the middle of 2016. It's no wonder, as they have some of the most expressive lyrics and melodies and Marko's incredible voice, and it pains me to think I may never even have found them if not for the game Alan Wake. The Poets song "War" played in an enclosed warehouse area with the game's enemies coming from all sides. I was on Nightmare that first play through and died numerous times, so I heard the song a lot, and now I replay the game every October. Poets also contributed other songs that were credited to the fictional in-game band Old Gods of Asgard.

For some reason, though, it took me four years to get around to listening to the rest of Poets' music. When I finally did, I became obsessed; as obsessed as I was, and still am, with Joachim Witt's "Neumond," the single most listened to album in my life. But lately, Poets of the Fall have surpassed everyone else as my go-to music. Though I have a number of favorites that I love dearly (BSB, DMB, Meat Loaf, Rammstein, Mumford and Sons...), I seem to always come back to Poets of the Fall for every mood, and so this was the first lyrics page I wanted to create. These first three songs are the most meaningful to me.

(Twilight Theater)

You say you feel a chill in the season
Like something is falling apart
You say you can't hold it together much longer
And I should look after your heart

But I feel a change coming on
Rolling out of the blue like a storm
And it's bending your will like a willow tree twisting
Trying to regain its form

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Carnival of Rust
(Carnival of Rust)

Do you breathe the name of your savior
In your hour of need
And taste the blame if the flavor
Should remind you of greed
Of implication, insinuation, and ill will
'Til you cannot lie still
In all this turmoil
Before red cape and foil
Come closing in for a kill
Come feed the rain

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(Twilight Theater)

Do you remember standing on a broken field
White crippled wings beating the sky
The harbingers of war
With their nature revealed
And our chances flowing by
. . . Turn the page, I need to see something new
For now my innocence is torn
We cannot linger on this stunted view
Like rabid dogs of war

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15 Min Flame
(Twilight Theater)

The reaper's kneeling at your field
Taking in what you've sown
Can't help feeling apprehension
No point in waiting for a rating
For what you have grown
Look for liquid consolation
. . . No escaping though you're running
You cannot find home
Drowning in your desperation
Conviction seems to follow
Accusations alone
No place here for an easy redemption

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All the Way/4U
(Carnival of Rust)

Seems to matter what I say
So I'll hold my tongue at bay
And rather use my mouth
To kiss your frown away
So your doubts
No longer darken your day
So you can hold your head up high
Come what may

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The Beautiful Ones
(Lift Single)

Flies with a broken wing
She's ever so graceful
So like an angel
But I see the tears flow quietly
. . . Why do we sacrifice the beautiful ones
How do you break a heart of gold?
Why do we sacrifice our beautiful souls?
Heroes of tales unsung, untold

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Center Stage

A dream's a deed unsigned
Nameless ghost of yesterday defied
So the answers aren't streamlined
To open up before you pay to try
. . . So weave the world a play
Such turns of fate
To let you have your way
Lest the only one betrayed
Will be standing center stage

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(Revolution Roulette)

Look, the leaves are dead
The moment's gone
There's no surrender
Forever now unsaid
The words that might have
Warmed December
It's all inside your head
Like fragments of a dream you remember
So never mind, you clever mind
Never mind me

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Diamonds for Tears
(Revolution Roulette)

In the light of recent findings
There's no greater taint than grace
But to relinquish all our bindings
Always finds us out of place

If I rested here a while more
Would you hold me to your heart
If I knew what it was meant for
Would I know to play my part

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The Distance
(Temple of Thought)

I've seen this yearning
Take on a frightening form
The memory of you will make sure
My past lingers on
. . . Don't you worry
There'll be a time
When our hearts beat the same
Let life carry
Across the distance I still see your flame

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Dreaming Wide Awake
(Twilight Theater)

Too late, the melody is over
The joke seems to be on me
Cos I'm the one not laughing
Down here on the floor

Deflate the mystery of living
In the most heartless fashion
I could ever imagine
No pretense of decor
. . . With me, disaster finds a playfield
Love seems to draw dark, twisted pleasure
Tearing at me
Cos I can't let you go

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Dying to Live
(Twilight Theater)

Tell me this, would you miss it
Trying on another face again
To see if it's you
And wondering where you've been
And where you're gonna find yourself
Before the night is through
. . . Tell me this, is it lonely
In the shadow of a masquerade
For life you hide behind
What's the deal with your reasons
To run away and let your feelings
Leave you undefined

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False Kings

Getting lost singing their song
Caught up in all I've done
It's all I know, but not what I need
Cut by my love, cut 'til I bleed

So I want to run to your shelter tonight
Run to the shelter tonight
United in silent resistance
Of bowing to false kings

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The Game

See the puppet master laugh
Astride a pale horse
And take another photograph
For selfie intercourse
Reading out the epitaph
Of our pointless wars
For love we will tear us

Down that beaten path she treads
Mirage, the blushing bride he weds
Yesterday's diamonds and pearls
Now worthless trinkets in their world

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Given and Denied
(Twilight Theater)

Which way to the fountain
Of my youth I wonder
Which way to the years I let go by
Let a thirsty man drink in its memories
While the water still flows
Sweet and crystal clear for yesteryear

Fall like a leaf in the wind
On the ocean of blue
Like your eyes in the twilight theater
With symphonies playing
In a world without sound
We're given and denied

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Heal My Wounds
(Twilight Theater)

Do they burn, the wishes whispered
Like secrets, they yearn just to be heard
I'm done with questions
I have no answers
. . . The bigger the lies
The more they want to believe them
And like a vice
Hold onto what they believe in

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Hounds to Hamartia
(Jealous Gods)

No more tragic love for sale
In the crooked gallery
High on acid
Love gone stale
Seems like fantasy
Just like magic
Hubris leads, leads its hounds
Hounds to Hamartia

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Illusion & Dream
(Signs of Life)

I've got no hand in matters worldly
I hardly care at all
What's going on fails to concern me
Because I'm locked behind my wall
But you know what drives me out
Out of my mind, oh

It's whatever makes you see
Makes you believe
And forget about the premonition
You need to conceive
The images they sell
Are illusion and dream
In other words, dishonesty

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Kamikaze Love
(Temple of Thought)

What you live and breathe
Is why you're dying
I can see it in your eyes
It burns, but the waters will not flow
And we watch it all burn down

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King of Fools
(Carnival of Rust)

Could you hold us up if I would drag us down
Resurrect emotions from our past
And if they had a king for fools
Would you wear the crown
Build us up again and make us last

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The Lie Eternal
(Temple of Thought)

If you didn't inspire me
Then on my knees I would fall like rain
Cos it's only you can calm me
With your touch
Your voice so softly whispering

I'm here, I'm now arrived
I fell into your love
I fell into your lie eternal

I'm here, I'm now, survived
I fell into your love
I fell into your lie

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(Signs of Life)

Times when I just can't
Bring myself to say it loud
Afraid that what I'll say
Comes out somehow awry

That is when it seems
We move in circles day to day
Twist the drama of the play
To get us by

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Locking Up the Sun
(Carnival of Rust)

They're locking up the sun
The light of reason gone
And hope has been successfully undone
The question's burning on
Where is it coming from
No one seems to know the monster born
. . . Is there a hero somewhere
Someone who appears and saves the day
Someone who holds out a hand
And turns back time
Is there a hero somewhere
Someone who will never walk away
Who doesn't turn a blind eye to a crime

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Love Will Come to You
(Jealous Gods)

Life doesn't run a clear course
It flows through from within
It's supposed to take you places
And leave markings on your skin

And those marks are just a sign
Of something true
You witnessed in your time
Of something new
Like the start of something fine

Like morning dew
Love will come again to you

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Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day
(Carnival of Rust)

I could pray and trick with a double tongue
But the only fool here's me
I choose the way to go
But the road won't set me free
. . . This day will die tonight
And there ain't no exception
We shouldn't wait for nothing to wait for
Love me in this fable
Babe, my heart is in your hand
Our time is waiting right outside your door

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Moonlight Kissed

Tendrils of smoke lash the street
And shamelessly court
Disguised honey sweet
To cater all sorts
And hushed tones all agree
And the world distorts

Wishing on a speck of dust
In this crazy ocean of fate
An echo of a memory
And maybe just a little too late

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Morning Tide
(Temple of Thought)

On the morning tide
We'll hoist the sails
To brave the crashing waves
Won't you come with me
And hear the ocean sigh
And if to its depths
It called us by our names
Won't you sail to the shore with me

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No End, No Beginning
(Alchemy, Vol. 1)

If there's no end
There can be no beginning
There can be no beginning
If there's no end
If feels like forsaking the dawn
We awaken and still we don't see
But I'm still secretly grateful
You're living this moment with me

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Once Upon a Playground Rainy

In the fading light
Your crown of thorns
Becomes a halo
Of branching horns
And yet so beautiful

I see you gently swaying in a sea of seesaws
Slumming in the shack Tony built last year
I know you'll be holding court with jackdaws
Crying when nobody ever sees your tears
When no one sees your tears

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(Signs of Life)

Have a little more of not enough
More of what is less but isn't love
Little of the same you're dreaming of
That's enough, that's enough

When the deal that you made with love
Is just a one-way street, a one-way street
You feel you'll go overboard
'Cause you're incomplete, incomplete"

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Passion Colors Everything
(Revolution Roulette)

I dance in tune with what I fear
To do adrenaline
Completely rapt with what I hear
. . . I dance entangled with my dear
She pulls my every string
Completely trapped yet never here

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(Jealous Gods)

What is beauty compared to grief
What is joy in league with sorrow
A dead rushes' fleet
Drifting on a quiet tide
. . . With every road once paved with gold
Both hands with a heart to hold
How could we look past
All the stories we have told

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Revolution Roulette
(Revolution Roulette)

Losing myself in this place
Soon I'm gone without a trace
Freed with that final incision

Look, my heart, it's a bird
It needs to sing and to be heard
Not this clockwork precision

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(Twilight Theater)

What do we have but illusions
Where one man's absolute is another's choice
Giving into confusion
'Til love and hate both tempt with the same voice

Won't you take me to a higher ground
I need to see again the way I'm bound
And choose the uneasy redemption
Run by fear and the flaws of attraction

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(Carnival of Rust)

I came to gaze upon the stars
When they were yet unborn
And, consequently, tear at my old scars
And the mask I had outworn

So when I'm crying alone
Yeah, when I'm cold as a dying stone

Grow me a garden of roses
Paint me the colors of sky and rain
Teach me to speak with their voices
Show me the way and I'll try again

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Running Out of Time
(Temple of Thought)

Loving every heartache
Revel in every twist and turn
I can feel your wisdom burning me
Like a second sun
. . . Why's it feel like it kills
When you're leaving me
Am I still hanging on
To the ends of yesterday in me

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(Signs of Life)

I'm quick to wait and slow to hate
They call me gracious for my patience
And I feel proud under that shroud
And all the while it's all evasion
. . . Some humor here to fend off fear
And I'm a little more lost, oh dear
So to save face, I'll hold my place
So I may safely feel alone

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Signs of Life
(Temple of Thought)

When what's real becomes
Just another source of hurt
And when meaning's gone from every word
. . . When you're free to choose
But the choices leave you lost
When you feel you paid
Way more than it should cost

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(Temple of Thought)

This house is full of stories we both told
This room the very stage where they'd unfold
These walls, they whisper secrets
And memories thereof
This door no longer leads us to that love

And I know we go deeper than skin
But what lies within
Is still deeper than we know

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Smoke and Mirrors
(Twilight Theater)

There was no loyalty to hope
And funny the need for mercy
How it makes us bleed all mercy, now

Do we even know who we are
Living like all life is forfeit
Like we can just go redefine it
Regardless what we broke

Who died and made us stars
With our intellectual gambits
Our millionaire flair and our antics
We're like mirrors seen through smoke

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Temple of Thought
(Temple of Thought)

So when you're restless
I will calm the ocean for you
In your sorrow
I will dry your tears
When you need me
I will be the love beside you
I'll take away all your fears
I'll take away all your fears
So you can let go all your fears

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Where Do We Draw the Line?
(Revolution Roulette)

On your palm an endless wonder
Lines that speak the truth without a sound
In your eyes awaits the tireless hunger
Already looks for prey to run down

Why do we keep up this charade
How do we tell apart
The time to leave from the time to wait

What does tomorrow want from me
What does it matter what I see
If it can't be my design
Tell me where do we draw the line

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