Thank You, Fringenuity


Dear Annie, Aimee, Kelly, Emma, Cheri, Tas, Nikolai, and Sarah,
I have devoted so much free time the past couple years to blogging about Fringe, watching and thinking about it, delving into sites like Fringepedia, writing a letter to send to The Fringe Event, even drawing a knife in its honor. But somehow it didn't occur to me that I needed to thank as many people as possible for these four and a half incredible years until the last minutes of the final season premiere; I started with Joel because that beautiful and perfect scene was fresh in my mind. What I wanted to say to him just seemed to come easily after that. I don't know if he actually saw it, but he responded to my tweet, so I'm going to pretend.
After I finished Joel's letter, I was stuck for weeks on the one to John. There was just too much to say, things which I've said many times before elsewhere, and I didn't know how to edit myself. Eventually, I figured it out and now I almost have my thoughts in order for Josh. I fear I'll never get to Anna, Jasika, Lance, Blair, Seth, Kirk, or Georgina before the finale, since I have a post to complete about why everyone should watch Fringe that I've been working on/putting off since last January.
That's all quite a lot to do already for me alone, but when I heard of this project I decided to write one more letter. I have loved many shows, but none as much as Fringe, so I must take this time to give you my eternal gratitude. The Fringenuity effort blows my mind. You organized and laser-focused the passion of, and brought together, an entire community. According to my personal experience with the laws of television, Fringe should have certainly been cancelled by last season's finale, but you helped secure the chance to resolve an essential mystery that turned into the most dramatic fight for survival, the brilliance of which has stunned me, as it always does.
Fringe is a fantastically fun, surprising, and engaging journey unfinished without you. I've heard of fans influencing networks before, but it's so rare. I was floored you were able to organize all of us and have such a far reach that Fox actually took notice and found Another Way. I thought we'd be ignored, but I participated anyway out of love for our little show that could. It's strange to call Fringe little seeing as how it has grown so large in so many hearts and is still gaining new viewers thanks in part to Science Channel. I will never underestimate the power of fans again, especially when they have a platform like Twitter. What you have accomplished is astounding.
Therefore, I feel like nothing I could think of would be enough. All I was able to come up with was this letter, so I dedicate "Resistance," the knife I submitted for consideration in your fan history book, to not only Fringe but also Fringenuity. Without you my favorite show very likely would not have had the ending it deserved. I loved the fourth season finale because everyone made it through. Though I would always have wondered what might have happened after "Letters of Transit," I could have told myself that they all lived happily ever after and the Observers remained just that. But knowing what this final season has been and promises to be, I can't believe we were so lucky, because Fringe once again was more than I imagined. I have used many words to describe Fringe - intelligent, unique, unpredictable, heartfelt, devastating, unforgettable - but they all seem terribly inadequate now. It never feels like enough. And it never feels like enough to just thank those involved, but thank you. This fandom is truly amazing. I've never experienced anything like it.

Erin Bates

Here's the fantastic video thanking Fringenuity for organizing all of the fans and showing our support to Fox.


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