Connecting Thank God You're Here to Easy A


I recently remembered the very short-lived Thank God You're Here.  Bryan Cranston was hilarious in it, but that's no surprise.  Sadly, I can't find the main skit he was in, but here's a promo.

I went looking for that episode and instead found out that there are both British and Australian versions. Of course they came first, and here's a taste.

Also, I discovered last night that Dan Byrd is the new Bryan Cranston. As soon as I saw him in Aliens in America I knew he'd be around for a while, and now he has Cougar Town. But he floored me in a scene in Easy A when he went from funny to heartbreaking in seconds. Ooh, the boy can act.  Great movie, by the way.  It was deeper and funnier than it looked in the commercials.  The parents?  Hilarious.


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