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I found Muse a few years ago because of the Doctor Who video "Scattered (Tenth Doctor)" from Harmony Vids. The quick editing is perfectly timed to "Map of the Problematique" and nicely combines both the frenetic and quietly dramatic sides of the show.  If you've never seen it, David Tennant was an amazing Doctor: so real, hilarious, and heartbreaking.  I'll watch him in anything now.

(Update: 10/9/2018) Just going back through all of my posts, updating the fonts and titles. I went through everything and got to this one, my first ever post about Doctor Who. Didn't remember I'd shared "Scattered." I had to update the link because it was broken. Harmony Vids hasn't been online for years. Fortunately, it was at Youtube, where I also rediscovered "Shattered," which I would consider a companion piece. Truly emotional, this one.


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