I'm Loving "The Killing"


I recently posted in the Fringe forum at Hulu that Fringe and Supernatural are the only shows that ever made me tear up. They just had that perfect combination of heartbreaking characters, incredible actors, excellent writing, and unforgettable storytelling. But I somehow forgot about Doctor Who. While I'm at Hulu fixing that oversight, I really need to add my new addiction,The Killing, to that short list.

Every episode of this finely layered murder mystery is dark and depressing, with the only hope coming from the two detectives on the case - played by Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman - who are more determined as the days pass and the evidence mounts. They are not the traditional main characters that you immediately warm to, but they feel real. The highlight, though, is Michelle Forbes, who makes a mother's grief almost unbearably palpable. The feel of the show, if not the focus, is reminiscent of the gripping and disturbing Wire in the Blood, which starred the brilliant Robson Green. Both leave you with an unsettled feeling, and yet you'll keep coming back for more.


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