Nearing the End - Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe


A plea to the writers of some of my favorite shows: please do what is right for both your characters and your viewers. My Friday superhero, supernatural, scifi trio of Smallville, Supernatural, and Fringe all are hinting at things that I really would rather not happen. Oliver Queen may succumb to Darkseid, Castiel is working with Crowley, and Peter has jumped 15 years into the future in an instant. Since Smallville is almost over, and because the show is more lighthearted than the other two, I would expect Oliver to ultimately win over his darker nature. I don't know about Castiel, though. Love the guy - and the adorable Misha Collins - but with everything the writers have put the Supernatural characters through, I wouldn't be surprised if they finished off the series (nope, don't ever wanna think about that) with the eradication of all life on Earth. And there's still one more episode of Fringe, so I would expect a spectacularly dramatic cliffhanger (hopefully featuring more emotional Walter) that does not resolve the timeline shift...and then so many months of nothing. Damn Fringe finales.

This is all related to another post I have yet to finish - let's call it a younger sister - which has to do with the inevitable killing off of my favorite characters. It's usually completely unnecessary and hardly anyone does it right; but I'll leave that complaint for the other post, a little thing that grew so big that I just decided to wait for season finales. I started it back in January because of Medium, then got sidetracked with other examples, life, and then more chararacters leaving. So BOLO for that one...or not; whatever you wanna do. I'm not forcing you. If only I could.

Here is a great interview with John Noble about the finale of Fringe and season 4.


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