John Noble Deserves An Emmy


But first he has to be nominated. There's a Facebook page, Give John Noble an Emmy for Walter Bishop, and a petition you can sign. Please do so. You can read my comment here.

If you haven't seen Fringe because you're not a sci-fi person, or you don't like J.J. Abrams, or you never had time, or for whatever reason, then just know that it's one of the best dramas out there. The science can be strange and far-fetched, but the draw is how it all comes back to family. And Noble's performance - especially this year - is and always has been exceptional, real, and heartfelt.

And here I'll leave you with this scene from the recently concluded Season 3, this scene from Season 2, and this scene from Season 1. Sorry, embedding was disabled. Warning: All videos are a bit spoilery; it's hard to find a dramatic Walter scene that isn't.


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