The Antichrist is Not on Supernatural


Well, I hadn't planned on writing anything tonight (now this morning), but I just could not pass up mentioning this incredible bit of silliness I read about today (now yesterday). You must have heard by now that someone posed their suspicion that Misha Collins is the antichrist at Yahoo! Answers. I wonder if this was just a tasteless joke or a sad ploy for a few minutes of Internet fame. Or does the asker need a serious mental checkup?

Some people need to come back to the real world. Yes, Misha is charming and popular, and he co-created a charity, Random Acts, that he actively participates in. To any normal person, this would mean that he has a kind and generous heart not a supernatural ulterior motive. Of course, there's no winning with certain fanatics, because those very things are what make Misha suspicious to them. So the lesson we take away from this is if you're famous, be a dick to keep the crazies at bay?

Here's the original question at IMoG World. It also includes three responses, by the poster and a supporter, to the deluge of deservedly negative comments. I wish someone had captured those. I saw a few screenshots of the post. One of them was from _ellygraytw.

If you are sane, and you'd like to see the real Misha, you can read this article from someone who participaed in the charity's Haiti trip. There's also a short TV Guide interview with a five-minute video promoting Random Acts and his upcoming fundraising run in September 2010. The results of that, in a short article at were 83 kilometers run and over $100,000 raised. So Misha's heart was literally beating for his charity. Yup, you can't get more evil than that.

If you now feel you need more of this great guy, the easiest thing would be to follow him on Twitter and watch Supernatural. Please, try not to become a creepy, obsessed stalker, though. That's no better than the anitchrist protestors.


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