Bam! Fright Night Looks to Be a Lot of Fun


I was going to write a little something about this days ago when I first saw the new trailer, but instead't. I hope Fright Night is really good, if only for the fact that it could make David Tennant a household name here in America for more than just Doctor Who fans. It seems like he has a great part. I've never seen the original, but the great commercials for this new version and the praise I've read for Roddy McDowall's Peter Vincent - such as in this quite excellent review - really make me want to.

I'm happy I didn't get a chance to finish this before, because I got to see a new clip yesterday! Should have seen it on Saturday, but I was busy finding shoes to match my bridesmaid dress. I went to four stores, and three were missing half their stock, and what was left was total crap!  But that's a bit off topic. Please watch and enjoy. I'm going just for this, by myself if I have to.


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