The Disillusioned Illusionist ~ David Tennant's Fright Night Interviews


Why haven't you seen Fright Night yet? Do you not like scary movies? Don't worry, it's more tense than scary, and there's a lot of tension-breaking and character-building humor. It has the sexy Colin Farrell and the talented Anton Yelchin. But the special treat is the great David Tennant, who was barely seen in U.S. commercials. He can make you laugh and then break your heart with no more than a look, and you will love him for it. Fright Night won't be in theaters for much longer due to a terrible marketing campaign that almost completely misrepresented it and assured people would stay away in droves, so get to your theater today.

David is always so gracious and seems genuinely happy to be interviewed. Thanks go to TimeGeek at Random Geeky Thoughts for finding this.

This is the second video I've seen where "Mr. David" says Farrell was the perfect choice for Jerry because it looks like he was carved out of marble. Oh, and he's also a "twinkly, charming, delightful bloke to hang around." :)

Facebook questions interview where David gives us his favorite scenes and says that the set of Fright Night was "a very happy place to be."

The following is short and incomplete. For the last question go to UInterview.

From the premiere in London: "This is a proper vampire who will tear you to pieces just because he's bored."

All about Peter Vincent.

The BBC has an excellent and long radio interview. But it is a bit spoilery. Chris accidentally spills a secret about Peter Vincent that's better not revealed beforehand. It doens't ruin the movie, though. In this we also find out that David went to Vegas while filming because he thought it would be a "really good excuse to...sniff around, and see some shows, and, you know, really drink it in." And, aww, he cried at Beaches. Of course, David wouldn't be so amazing an actor if he didn't have a soft heart. If you can't play this, it's available here, edited and commercial-free. David Tennant Fan News Blog also has a transcript of select lines.

The Orlando Sentinel has a fun leather pants and Las Vegas interview that inspired the title of this post.

In this interview for Empire Magazine he answers the question I've always wanted to know: What would he do if he woke up as Bruce Willis tomorrow?

Lastly, here's a miniview from Total Film. DT says he'd be a fool to say no to a sequel. Unfortunately, the disappointing box office precludes that, so I hold out no hope.


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