I Want to Be Sorted


And I wanted to write this a while ago. I hate that I missed the sign up deadline for Pottermore. It sounds fantastic. I actually found out about it on the last day, but I put it off for a few hours because a page wouldn't load. When I checked back it was closed. Of course, my favorite TV reviewer, Robert Berg, got in. >:P So, I'll be expecting him to do some reviewing at some point. Until then, The Huffington Post has a preview, as do HarryPotterReviews and Hypable.

If you don't know yet - I didn't because I am a fan of many things and just don't have the time to go galavanting across the web to find everything about everything - Pottermore is a new addition to the world of Harry Potter, an expansion that is getting some quite positive initial reviews. It's the entire world of Harry Potter laid out in a huge, beautiful site (or so I'm told). I have to wait until October to find out for myself. It includes such things as the sorting hat; potion making and spells; object collecting; dueling; house points and the House Cup; chocolate frog cards; every book chapter turned into interactive flash paintings; more character backstories; and I would assume, upon seeing comments about how complete it is, almost anything else you can think of. It seems to be an encyclopedia of sorts, with a great amount of material already.

Something I would love is a section having to do with the movies, since they are a part of this fantastic world, like interviews with cast and crew. They give me a greater appreciation for everyone's incredibly hard work. But until I actually see the site for myself I would have no idea if that kind of thing would be the right fit. I think I read somewhere that there was behind the scenes info, but I think that would be about J.K.'s idea process and the writing of the books themselves. It wasn't clear, though. And I haven't read anything about Quidditch. I hope there will there be a game of some sort.

I would speculate that, since Rowling is already writing material for the site, maybe she'll even release some new Potterworld tales this way. I own the books in physical form, so I wouldn't buy them again as e-books, but I would do so for something new if it were a short story or only available digitally.

All righty then, time to go finish that post on Alan Rickman I started a couple weeks ago. Damn, I thought I'd finally kicked that procrastination gene to the curb. Nope. Wanna go play Train Conductor 2 and beat my sad "Grand Canyon" score of 197.

Update: It's now December and Pottermore is still in beta, closed to the public. And I don't think I ever cracked 200 in the Grand Canyon level.


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