Fringe // John Noble Hints at the Future of Peter


John Noble recently revealed a tasty little bit at The TV Addict and Give Me My Remote about the upcoming season of Fringe, one of the shows I'm most looking forward to returning. After the typically jaw-dropping season finale, Fringe was once again awash with possibilities. Starting from scratch, throwing all the character growth and relationships out the window, sounds like an awful thing to do. But I can't wait to see what the exceptional John Noble, whose Emmy snub is quite disheartening but always expected, gets to do now that Walter no longer has his son to love and keep him sane.

I always assumed Peter would return in some form, but I was sure it would be emotionally devastating, and John Noble's words have affirmed that worry. Though, I should trust now that the writers have a clue about what they're doing. They sure know how to toy with our emotions to beautiful effect. I will follow them until the last scene, which is when I usually curse the fact that the show existed in the first place, choose to forget that there ever was a finale, or just rewrite it in my head.

Speaking of trust, Joshua Jackson said to TV Line, "We're all keenly aware of not violating that trust" the fans have in the show. He also mentions that he was never a fan of the Peter/Olivia relationship until now. He thought it "seemed kind of banal," but it's now more interesting because Peter sacrificed himself. I don't agree with the banal comment, but I do think that their relationship is more epic now, something which the show had already done superbly with the whole crossing universes twice to save your child storyline.

During the last two episodes of all three seasons, scenarios - most sad, unwanted, and unthinkable - kept rolling around in my head for many nights when I tried to sleep. Now, with this new information, I don't doubt they will do so again. Season 4 can't get here soon enough.


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