Storms Always Bring Out the Stupid


It was relayed to me from the kitchen that a homeland security guy said Hurricane Irene was downgraded but poses no less of a threat. Well, that may be the most senseless sentence I've heard all week. Very amusingly, my brother said that's the very definition of posing less of a threat. How about it's still very dangerous even though it's been downgraded? That makes actual sense.

Yesterday I heard of a man staying behind to protect his house. Turns out that house was on the shore, right in the path of the storm. Are you fucking kidding me? You have kids, you idiot! It's a house. It can be replaced. You can't.

Also, WTNH in CT apparently has a thing called Report!t, where you send in your videos and photos. I really wish people would stop trying to come up with cute little brandable words, because most of the time they're a failure. No, an exclamation point is not an I. It's actually yelling "report" at you and then the lowercase letter t. Come on, just call it "Report It" and be respectable. But you'll never achieve that if you keep sending your reporters to stand near raging flood waters to comment on how the hurricane is breaking wooden barriers and bringing sand and a baseball into a parking lot. Brilliant.


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