Rediscovering ~ Pandora


I kind of lost touch with Pandora after Lala added streaming music to their CD trading site. It became my number one daily music destination and all others just faded away. Then Lala was bought and buried by Apple. If you could be inside my brain for a while, you would hear it screaming "Fuck you, Apple!" every time I thought about music. I had nowhere to go, so I drifted from MOG to Grooveshark to Rdio and everywhere in between. Nothing matched Lala. And I didn't return to Pandora for some reason.

I've been away from music for a couple weeks just because of life thingies, like my computer needing a lobotomy. When everything returned to normal I randomly thought maybe I can do my transcription work with music on in the background, because my computer was running like new again and would be able to multitask. Why have I never thought of this before? Pandora would be perfect for that because it's an auto DJ and I already had my stations set up. Perfect. Yay! And I have a Firefox extension that scrobbles from Pandora to, the site that gets the community aspect of Lala right. I have a feeling I'll be using it a lot now. Good. I discovered Joachim Witt there quite a while ago, when it was a regular music destination. I am indebted to them. I'll also be Spotify-ing for their great playlists.

Some discoveries from Pandora yesterday:

And a great rediscovery:


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