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It's about time for another way past due installment of The Doctor's Moments. I started this as a way to show off my favorite scenes and the incredible talents of David Tennant and Matt Smith. I try to find the most compelling moments, so maybe someone who has never seen Doctor Who before will wonder how they ever lived without it. Of course, those of us who are already fans can also have fun refreshing our memories.

David Tennant // After Donna is lost in "Forest of the Dead," River whispers something to The Doctor that takes his breath away and gains his trust. Was it his name? Matt Smith's Doctor whispers something to River in "Let's Kill Hitler" and "The Wedding of River Song." Was it either of those times she discovered what he would need to hear in The Library?

Matt Smith // In "The Rebel Flesh" a ganger is killed by a human. Smith's unrestrained astonishment in his "real human heart" speech is quite the opposite of Tennant's breathless stillness.

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