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More Fringe t-shirts (and things) than you could ever possibly need or afford.

I should probably start with #WhereIsPeterBishop?, a simple but incredibly poignant shirt with the hashtag Fringe fans were using all summer while wondering and worrying about the disappearance of one of the beloved main characters. I want this shirt just to hold onto the "Did they really just do that?" feeling. It's from TV Teez and is available in men's sizes and sweatshirts.

#WhereIsPeterBishop? inspired a lovely fan response from around the world.

FringeTV @ CafePress
There is a ridiculous amount of stuff to choose from here, including pages upon pages of iPad cases. I'm thinking about becoming rich just so I can get everything here. A couple months ago I bought two Fringe shirts from The Fringe Podcast's Cafe Press store, so I know they are good quality. But get your regular size. These do NOT come small.
I don't know these people, so I can't vouch for them. But I really like this shirt. It's black with a splash of color and a nice glow.

Glyph Alphabet
This shirt has all the the glyphs in alphabetical order. Me wantee! Again, do your research. I have not shopped here before.

Future Fringe Division Logo
More from The Fringe Podcast. I love this logo. Also comes in women's sizes and other colors.

Reiden Lake
A Reiden Lake shirt? Hell yes. It's a beautiful place, where the fabric of reality was torn. Thank you, TV Teez.

Violet Sedan Chair
I love the idea that non Fringe fans will have no idea what this is about, just like Delicious Strawberry-Flavored Death from The Fringe Podcast.

Every Lab Needs a Cow
And last but not least, I don't particularly like baseball jerseys, but this one is a keeper. You can also get it as a t-shirt. In the highly unlikely chance that I ever have a lab, I promise there will be a cow named Gene. 

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