Fringe Cast Interviews ~ Novation


Fox posted another great installment in their Fringe cast interviews yesterday. As always, it is obvious the love this outstandingly talented group has for this incredible show. They exude enthusiasm and a feeling that they aren't just there for the paycheck, that they truly care.

I will be with Fringe until its last breath, a fact that I am sure of because the writers seem to instinctually know where every beat belongs, how every little piece needs to fit together. They don't feel *lost* and spinning their wheels. They continually evolve and present new situations while resolving old ones, even regularly tasking the actors with playing different versions of their characters and putting a fresh, exciting, and often poignant spin on things. Fringe has never disappointed and always leaves me anxiously waiting every week for more of the fun, humor, oddities, creepiness, sweetness, and, yes, even the tears; the broken are often the most beautiful. It answers questions, instead of only asking them, and leaves viewers at the end of each season with an audible gasp to contemplate consequences and scenarios for the entire summer, often on Hulu boards or blogs like

P.S. I want more of that background music. And, holy crap, it is hard to write while I'm watching Psych. I absolutely loved tonight's Halloween episode, especially when Gus was pretending to pound a stake into Shawn's heart, but on the wrong side. And, aww, Lassiter is in love. So cute. I never imagined Lassie would get a girlfriend.


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