I'm Living with Lord Voldemort


In Last Man Standing, the response to that line of "...he sounds like a very caring father," really makes no sense. What sounds caring? Lord or Voldemort? Because that seems to be the only information he's working with there. I wonder how much was cut out of that conversation. It might be funny if over the last thirteen years there hadn't been seven Potter books and eight movies. Not to mention countless commercials. Being so clueless really isn't even worthy of a sympathy chuckle.

I like Tim Allen, but this looks to be a completely average comedy made of bits of Home Improvement and 8 Simple Rules, only with less laughs and heart (RIP John Ritter), and countless others I'm sure. I would be surprised if any originality surfaced. But I've seen maybe two minutes of the show, so I will try to reserve actual judgment for the first episode, since there's a chance it's just incompetent editing. That's if I can be bothered to watch. Right now I'm thinking, "M-E-H. Meh." Please, surprise me.


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