Rediscovering ~ Brent Spiner


Not counting random episodes of Next Generation or a few brief minutes of Independence Day once in a while, I haven't regularly seen Brent Spiner in years, since Threshold. Recently, Alphas reminded me he's one of my favorite people, so I owe a big thank you to that wonderful series. Soon after - might have been the same night - I ended up following him on Twitter and then found Fresh Hell, a Web series he stars in as an alternate version of himself where there was an incident that turned him into "that guy everybody hates." Interesting premise, because, seriously, how could anyone not have an affection for him? He's a great actor, witty in interviews and at conventions, and comes across as warm, genuine, and good-natured.

According to a picture Mr. Spiner posted on Twitter and small blurbs on entertainment sites, and which many have blogged about by now, he's going to be on The Big Bang Theory tomorrow, October 13. I hope these recent guest parts lead to something more. I've heard him saying that no one would give him a show (WHAT?!), which is how Fresh Hell came about.

Fresh Hell // My favorite episode is its last. The burning mice scene is unforgettable. Sounds awful, but I can't stop smiling about it three weeks later. This is when I knew I needed more. I'm very happy that the second season is currently shooting.

Alphas // Sadly, this is just a 20-second promo spot. The entire episode is much more satisfying. Probably no chance of a recurring role, though, since Spiner's character ended up with a piece of glass shoved in his jugular.

Those Video Guys // This is one of the longest interviews I've ever seen with anyone. But being cute, charming, and light, it moves along at a good clip. Fun Quote: "The first five episodes, the ones you've seen, cost a total of $800...and I have to say, really, in our defense, it looked like $900."

Streamin' Garage // Even longer than Those Video Guys, but well worth it. I like to think I would have had the courage to submit a question to this audience participation interview, and that the question wouldn't have been too dumb (though I loved the one about cookies), if I had known about it. Fun Quote: "I would rather try than cry."

Twitter Story // This was a series of posts Spiner kept up for just over a month in 2009, creating an alternate world story for himself one Twitter-sized bite at a time. The very funny and strange results are well worth your time. Here are just a few examples, starting with the first post:

"I'm thinking of going into rehab. I'm not addicted to anything, but I think it's good way to jumpstart an acting career." (28 Mar 09)

"While I was catatonic, Patrick, bless him, came to visit. He read a selection of sonnets for the inmates. When he left, they were catatonic" (1 Apr 09)

"A friend tells me my breakdown happened at a ST con. Got confused and thought I was my character. Stopped using contractions. Now I am fine." (5 Apr 09)

"Started exercising again. Gotta look good for the next phase. Swam width of the pool. Well, halfway. Twenty feet is longer than it looks." (16 Apr 09)

Speaking of Funny // If you don't know, and I didn't, he does an amazing impression of Patrick Stewart. He's so good at it that I'm reminded of Kevin Pollak.

Here he crashes Patrick Stewart's Q&A.

But Stewart got his revenge. :)

The Hilarious Theater Story // I love this clip from American Theatre Wing's Working in the Theatre program. And Eddie Izzard was there, too! Also, some dude named Alec Baldwin. ;) You can download the entire hour and a half video here.

And He Can Sing // Good thing Spiner overcomes with humor and heart that jealous urge of mine to intensely dislike those who are multitalented.


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