Here is Peter Bishop ~ Consequences


Consequences: Fringe is all about them. It's something I mentioned the day before I watched this, and now you get to hear it straight from executive producers Joel Wyman (@JWFringe) and Jeff Pinkner (@JPFringe). They talk about Peter being the focus this season and the audience being right there with him because we remember how everything used to be. If our hopes for a happy reunion don't pan out, if they drop everything that's come before, I'm sure it would only be a setup for the next season. The writers know every inch of the story they're creating and are well aware of our love for it. They surprise us, break our hearts, and know how to make us beg for more.

Note: This was supposed to be published last week, but the huge east coast snow storm knocked out the internet and power. Still running on a generator seven days later.

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