In a Dark Corner I Found a Frightened Rabbit


The Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit was formed in 2003, so why did I only learn of them today? Like the first time I heard Mumford & Sons' "Little Lion Man," Frightened Rabbit's "Head Rolls Off" is a keeper with a refreshing sound, engaging voice, and interesting lyrics that I immediately connected to. How could I not with simultaneously depressing and uplifting lines such as, "When it's all gone, something carries on"? I'll be listening to this little gem many times over. And also like Mumford & Sons, I will be buying The Midnight Organ Fight just from hearing this one song. I can't believe my life has been devoid of this for the past three years. Thanks go to Aweditorium for playing it.

I'm not a music expert or critic. I love what I love and there will be no excuses or compromises. The music that grabs me can come from any genre. But finding a new artist that I will stick with is a truly rare thing that only happens once or twice a year.


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