Stephen King's 11/22/63 eBook Giveaway (Expired)


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - NOVEMBER 07: Stephen K...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeI'm a member of Klout, a site that measures your overall influence across networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I joined because I heard on Twitter about new users getting Spotify accounts before they were released to the general public. What I like about Klout is that was only the first perk. You get perks when you reach certain levels and are influential about the right topics. I recently got one that I would absolutely love to use, but I'm not going to. Stephen King is my favorite writer, so I've been anticipating 11/22/63 in traditional book form. I don't own it yet, because getting King books for Christmas is somewhat of a tradition. So, I'm giving it away. I also have an extra copy for...

No, wait a minute. I checked out the link and it looks like the perk I got just this month has expired. I had already claimed it, but I guess they didn't have enough to go around. That doesn't make sense. They should have called it what it is then: a coupon. Apparently clicking "claim" really doesn't reserve anything for you, even though you get a download link. So, now I'm annoyed with Klout and Simon & Schuster for not making it clear that what you were getting was a promotional code instead of a guaranteed copy. Oh well, no use in harping on that. Klout made up for it with a paperback copy of Bag of Bones. This one I didn't have to claim twice for it to actually be mine. But I already have this book, so I might give it away here...might.
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