A Few Minutes With Mather Zickel


If you can't get enough of the adorable Mather Zickel, one of the hilarious guys from the criminally underappreciated and too quickly cancelled Man Up, then you're not alone. Read Miranda Doerfler's interview with Mather at The Saico Chronicles.

Man Up deserved much more than it got. ABC gave it only eight episodes to establish itself, which were all very funny and relatable. There was almost nothing in the way of promotion, and they used the least funny clips out of context. I wasn't going to watch, but I gave it a chance because nothing else was on. From the commercials, it seemed like just another generic, personality-free, belly laugh-light "comedy." I was wrong...so very wrong.

After this royal screw up, ABC didn't even consider trying Man Up in a different timeslot. This great new show could have had many more years. But now, like Better Off Ted and The Knights of Prosperity (two other ABC casualties), it will only be a fond memory and a frustrating "what if?" Adding insult to injury, its replacement is a Bosom Buddies remake...reimagining...rip-off...whatever. Doesn't matter one bit, because it looks absolutely awful. See Miranda's after cancellation thoughts at Cliffs Notes for TV.

I just found out that the last five episodes were burned off on December 13. I didn't know this, so now I have to watch them tomorrow. I will be laughing and crying. Man Up, you will be missed.

My Favorite Line: "You do not get a woman in the mood for sex by telling her that her son is a misbegotten land monster."

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