Game of Thrones Season 2 is Getting Nearer


Damn my procrastination. I've had A Clash of Kings waiting on my bookshelf for about 10 years, and only now that I know season 2 is coming... Wait a second. Are they still calling it Game of Thrones or will the name be changed? I don't remember the series title, A Song of Ice and Fire, being used anywhere in season one. Anyway, it's coming in April and I haven't read the book yet. I just know that I'll end up waiting until right before it starts again and be only a couple steps ahead. Or I could start right after the book I'm reading now, Rose Madder. But I've also started five or so other books. No. Have to read it next. My mind is made up. I've waited too long.

Here's the trailer for the new season if you somehow haven't seen it already. I was going to post this ten days ago but got sidetracked.

I can't wait to see more of Peter Dinklage. I've loved him since I first randomly stopped on a channel that was showing The Station Agent a number of years ago. My father did the same thing on a different day that summer. We both will watch the movie every time it's on, which is a very rare occasion, even though it's not what normally grabs our attention. The Station Agent is so quiet and mostly uneventful and yet utterly charming. It's a testament to Dinklage's talent that he can hold my attention in this sparse little story of lonely people and turn it into a gem.  

Of course I heard he won a very well deserved Emmy for Game of Thrones, but I never got to see it until tonight. Great quote: "I followed Martin Scorsese. Oh my God. My heart is pounding. You are a legend."

And because I love fan-made tributes and trailers, here's a good one just I stumbled upon for Game of Thrones. And now I say good night.


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