Marques Toliver ~ Deep in My Heart


Thanks again to Two Paddocks, I fell in love with a new artist today, at least going by the one song I've heard so far. This doesn't happen as much as I'd like it to, mostly because I'm terrible at finding music that doesn't make me want to toss my headphones into the air and blast them to bits. I don't have a large reserve of patience, and I'm far more successful when someone is recommending or I hear it on TV.

Here he is. Such a lovely voice and a talent on the violin, too.

Did you love it, too? Then go get the album version from Amazon for free right now.

If you're also crap at finding music you like, or you're lazy, there are ten no-cost selections every week from the Two Paddocks Cru and celebrity guests, such as Liam Neeson, Tim Spall, and Willem Dafoe. The Dayglo Disco has been going strong for a while now and shows no signs of slowing.


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