Good Riddance, Fuckers!


The people I assume shot and killed my cat, Onyx (the sweetest thing in my world, who would come to you when you cried) are moving! Finally! They'd recently moved in when it happened. They have two teenage boys. All other neighbors are older and I wouldn't expect them go around shooting pets with a pellet gun. All I can figure, since I never had the courage to ask, because I know what I would have done if one of them confessed, is that Onyx had been prowling around their rabbits, which they didn't keep very well-penned in. In fact, those rabbits got out three times just this summer and we helped chase them down and return them. They sure do like, hopping away.

I always wanted to keep cats in, but my dad was (surely not anymore) one of those people who thought cats can take care of themselves. If any of your cats were street rescues then you know how hard it is to keep them from getting out. They'll always be at the door meowing at the top of their lungs and refusing to use the litter box; at least, all of mine did. Don't let them out without an enclosure. I read about cat fences before this incident, but I was too late to get one. I've had many pets over the years. Until March 29, 2010 I'd never been without one. Now I don't see how I could ever want a pet again that has such a short lifespan. Most of my pets ended up with some sort of disease that took them too soon.


  1. I'm glad you will be rid of a reminder of what happened to Onyx. Our neighbors had a pit bull that had some kind of systemic infection that caused him to do extremely violent things randomly. (When other dogs would bite him in self defense, those dogs would get sick - weird). Shannon had been feeding a lot of neighborhood cats - the kind wh live nowhere and everywhere - and this dog killed one of them on our porch in front of her, then a week or so later killed another one in the neighbor's yard. That was when we knew who owned the dog, and when confronted they agreed to have it put down. It took Shannon a while to get over that but she is famous among the animals in this area as a sure source of food in the Winter, so they keep coming.

    I hope you feel up to having another kitty one day. There are so many out there who are completely at the mercy of this world run by humans, and even though heir time is frequently short, I think it makes a difference when we help one of them out.

  2. It's sad that the dog was sick, but if I saw that happen I would have put it down myself. Poor Shannon. I can only imagine how awful that was. I would still be having nightmares. And this is why all pet owners should have fences. If you don't want a fence, the dog better be on a leash and the cat better stay inside.

    I may feel up to having another cat one day, but I certainly won't be looking for one. Our last four cats found us and that's how it will stay. If a lost kitty comes to my door I won't be turning it away. I've hoped before that one day I would get a chance to open a no-kill shelter. I could be around the pets and find them good homes but not have to go through all this again.


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