Fringe On the Edge Yet Again


For those who used to love Fringe and think it should be cancelled because this season hasn't gone the way you wanted it to, there have been only seven episodes. Hello, short attention span. How about you actually see where it's going before you give up on it? It's been serialized for quite a while, and the better, more emotional, and more engaging for it. This is a story that has to play out, and it's never ended up in a disappointing place. You can't expect every episode to be wrapped up in a neat little package. Have a little faith that the writers know what they're doing. If the show is forced to end unnaturally abruptly then no doubt we will all be disappointed in the end. And to those who never gave it a chance, my brothers being two of them, you missed and helped to kill an amazing show. You won't soon be forgiven.

I started a blog mainly because I wanted to write some thoughts about Fringe(and other things) and maybe convince a few people to try it. But anything with TV is a losing battle. Wonderful shows like Fringe struggle for years just to stay afloat while absolute crap and the supremely mediocre stay on the air indefinitely. No show should ever expect that any of the major networks is a good place to be. They seem to be perpetually clueless about scheduling and marketing. Or maybe it's laziness. This kind of news is just depressing and makes me much less enthusiastic about any new show. I think I might just stick to USA, FX, and HBO from now on.

Fox and the rest care only about making money with the least possible effort. That means scriptless reality and the like. Who would ever want a finely crafted, emotional story with humor and great characters when you can watch people sing, dance, or hurt themselves? Don't get me wrong. I've watched reality shows. I love So You Think You Can Dance and I was a fan of American Idol before it started to bore the pants off me, but that can't be all there is. And we need intelligent and exciting science fiction. Not everything can be a cop or lawyer show.

At least I can take comfort in the fact that us fans really love this beautiful piece of work even if no one else does...and the slim chance they get picked up by Syfy.

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