Shiny Bock Beer ~ Jayne Cobb Limited Edition T-Shirt

3/13/2012 $10 limited edition tshirts!

12 hours and 31 minutes to go before today's TeeFury sale is over.

I wish artists didn't come out with so many great Firefly and Serenity shirts. I would love to get the "Shiny Bock Beer" shirt with Jayne's face on it, but I'm restricting myself for the time being. If you have the $10, there's no reason you shouldn't buy it. Sizes up to 2X are available in men's and XL in women's, and shipping starts at $2.50. The design is by the talented Spacemonkeydr, who has turned out some great shirts, such as Baggins' Pawn Shop and Til Death.

Just so you know, I have no idea why the Shareasale links don't have the option to show the shirt of the day.


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