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If you looked through this blog in the last couple months, you'll see that apparently it has become dedicated to Fringe. It's certainly my number one, but it shares that spot with a few others. I've been neglecting everything else because I've been so focused on the fate of Fringe, which always gets beaten down in the ratings and is fighting for renewal again. I've also been working on an epic post since January that takes a lot of my free time. So, here's a fun diversion: Supernatural videos! This first one was at the top of the new videos in my subscriptions back in January, when I started this. I then forgot to finish, as usual. The others also are not new, but maybe you haven't see them yet.

I am in love with this contest-winning "trailer" for Supernatural, the "funniest movie of the year."

There are tons of other great scenes, but I certainly can't put them all here. One of the best is from their version of Groundhog Day. I wish I had the time and inspiration to make one of these myself, but I would also need to buy and learn new software, maybe take some classes. Should have realized in college that video editing was something that interested me.


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