Fight the Future to Save a Wonderful Show



Calling all Fringe fans, April 20th is the Nineteenth episode of this season, "Letters of Transit." These final four episodes are more important than all before, because the coming weeks are the last-ditch effort to convince Fox to renew. Join us on GetGlue and Twitter to #FightTheFuture and prove that you think the show and its lovely actors, writers, and the rest of the Fringe family deserve the chance to continue making this brilliant and captivating series.

If you haven't done this before, here are some examples of my previous tweets. For more information and icon packs go to Fringenuity.

If you're not a fan, but may have eventually watched, you don't want to start something that was left unfinished. Episodes aren't unrelated incidents, like any CSI. Fringe's cases are intertwined with an ongoing, layered, and beautifully-executed story, so it has to finish in its own time. Help #FightTheFuture by coming up with a few simple tweets you can share starting at 8PM EST even if you're not watching. The more live tweeting the better.


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