MS Walk in April


Okay, who wants to fight MS? My brothers, sister-in-law, and I will be walking for my mom, Karen, on April 22. I know she would love to be able to walk more than a few feet again without a struggle. I know she would give anything to not be exhausted all the time. I know she would be elated to go back to being a school nurse and helping children, an impossible job when you can't even get back and forth from your desk to the refrigerator where the medications are kept.

Please help us in eradicating this degenerative disease. There are three weeks left for donations. Hopefully, we'll do better than last time. We probably ate more in free food than was collected in donations. If you can't contribute this time don't worry. We'll definitely be doing this again, especially since we're all losing weight and actually like to exercise now. Maybe this time my feet won't try to fall off. ;)


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