Face Yourself


It's that time again, Fringies. Yes, I said "Fringies." I keep seeing people using it, so I might as well. It kind of sounds ridiculous, but this is a show with a sense of humor, so I guess it fits. I'm even using the Twitter icon pack today with the two Lincolns as Angry Birds. See the reason in this video.

Anyway, back to what I stopped work for. This year has seen a huge surge in support for the show on Twitter with fans trying to save it from cancellation...again! The Nielsen's are useless, but we hope to change things using social media. All we needed was someone to organize our efforts under the banner of Fringenuity. And guess what? Fox has noticed! They used the Fringenuity hashtags in the latest shows and are continuing to do so for the rest of the season. The only thing you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #FaceYourself tonight at 8PM EST. I should have said this yesterday, but I couldn't find the icons some reason. I guess the campaign page wasn't loading right for me.

FaceYourself Twitter Banner

FaceYourself GetGlue Banner


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