Worlds Apart and Yet So Close


Worlds Apart Banner

It's time for Fringenuity campaign number I-don't-know, and there are only three episodes left this season. If you don't help it trend on Twitter then this could be its final season. Get on the ball starting at 8pm EST on Friday. Even if you're not watching live at least send a few generic but hopefully interesting or insightful tweets with the hashtag #WorldsApart, like "Fringe is #WorldsApart from so much of the mediocrity out there." Don't think you can't change things. Fox has been listening. We are so close to renewal and need every fan to participate.

Update: Yesterday, the day after I wrote this, Fringe was officially renewed. That doesn't let us off the hook for showing our support, though. It just means that the weight is finally lifted from our shoulders.

If you don't watch Fringe then here are two reasons to that I haven't used before: one funny, one sad, and both expertly done as usual. If you don't like spoilers then don't press play. Go to Netflix and start at the beginning. You won't regret it.


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