Fringe Renewed for 13 More Episodes


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Hey, Fringe fans, hugs all around. If you were living under a rock or were asleep and somehow this is the first site you see today, Fringe has been renewed! Yay! For 13 episodes... Give me a minute. Gotta sop up the tears now.

Well, it's been a long, hard fight and we knew it wasn't going to last, even though so many far less deserving series continue to skate by. But that happens on every channel and that's how it will always be. At least Fox listened to their viewers and are giving the writers the time they need to properly end the show, which will probably be in simultaneously the most heartbreaking and most heartwarming of ways. If there's one thing they know how to do it's make us cry, gasp, and "aww" all in the shortest of timespans.

I will miss you Fringe and your gifted cast, who came to feel like family to their viewers but must truly feel close to each other having been privileged to work on such a magnificent program. Wait, why get all down about it now? Fall is quite a ways away. I'll pick this up again later. For now I'll reflect silently on everything the show has meant to me over these four too-short years...and maybe loudly shout at all those who refused to give it a chance. I personally know two of them. I'm comin' for ya, brothas*.

Remember to stop by Fringenuity and thank them for their ingenuity in the face of impending cancellation. They organized the rabid fandom into a laser-focused force that made Fox sit up and take notice.
*No, I'm not getting my Abrams shows mixed up. It's just that Henry Ian Cusick was in the last episode, "Letters of Transit."


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