I Made it Through the MS Walk Today


Walk MS 2012 Shirt

Yay, I got a shirt!

The MS Walk is over for this year. There are others all the time, but if we did that people would de-friend us left and right with all the begging for money we'd have to do. And all the begging leaves time for little else. How the hell did one person manage to raise $4,000? That reminds me, I must ask again, please consider donating if you can. The deadline for today's walk is actually May 25.

Anyway, after some deliberation, we chose the full five-mile route. My brother and sister-in-law are in better shape, so they let me decide. I assumed it would take too long, but I was willing to do more for the exercise. I'm amazed my legs are still attached. My ankles ran off half way through.

Alt Univese Me After Walk

What I wish I looked like after the walk.

Me After Walk

What I actually looked like. :(

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