The Booth at the End


I finally watched The Booth at the End, a web series that came out sometime last year. I only knew about it because I saw it in Timothy Omundson's (Psych) filmography on IMDb. Last week I updated the iSwifter app ($4.99) for my iPad and discovered that free Hulu finally works with it. Who knows how long that will last, so I've been watching this show in bed, where I normally read.

This entire series takes place in a diner with people just talking about what they've done or are going to do, and often unsavory things at that. Xander Berekley is fantastically creepy and sympathetic as the mysterious man in the booth giving sometimes evil tasks to people who want something. Particularly affecting is Norma Michaels as Mrs. Tyler, an old woman who desperately wants her husband to be cured of Alzheimer's. And even though Omundson is in just two episodes, he packs a lot of emotion into his limited screen time as Simon. I would like to see more of this series, but it ended perfectly, with the intriguing prospect that nothing is unobtainable.


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