On the Fringe ~ First Sneak Peek


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"On the Fringe" because I'm so close. If you haven't heard yet, I began a post about Fringe in January. I've done many of them, but the one I still haven't finished is special. Special because it's enormous. I never wanted it to be, but every time I try to edit it I end up adding another one to two hundred words. So, instead of promising it will be coming soon - and I now know it certainly won't be finished before "Brave New World, Part 2" - I'm going to put out some select teaser quotes. Hopefully, they won't give too much away. Quotes are subject to change at my whim and often do, and some may need tweaking to account for the fact that the season will be over when it's finally published.

And here...we...go...

"A wonderful story can come from anywhere, be from any genre, and Fringe undoubtedly is one of the most emotionally true and satisfying dramas ever."


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