The Day We Lived


I continue to be thoroughly impressed by Fringe, a show Worlds Apart from so many others, and last night's "Brave New World, Part 2" was no exception. Things certainly were Darkest Before Dawn, and it was an astoundingly satisfying potential conclusion to the series with an opening for the next season, something always done exceedingly well. Near the end, it felt like they wrapped up the last four years beautifully. More questions were answered. We discover Olivia is the key to an insanely ambitious end game. A chilling sacrifice was decided in a few beats of Walter's heart. Peter had an emotional meltdown. And we realize "Letters of Transit" wasn't just a possibility, like season 3's "The Day We Died," (a goosebumps-inducing title if ever there was one), but that it really is coming: an epic Fight (For) The Future that could have filled another season or two...or a whole new series. That last would be a lovely idea, but not one that is feasible after being soundly defeated in the ratings for so long. In the end, those who are left get on with their lives, exactly the way we always wanted them to, with love, humor, and hugs.

I'm being vague on purpose here. Trying not to give away too much. I'll leave many things out, either because there are too many working parts (they really could fill a book) that things have slipped my mind or they're spoilers. And this "review" relies on my unreliable memory, so it's more feeling than accuracy. "Impression" would probably be a better word for it: just a short blurb on why you can't miss this finale, or the show in general if you still haven't started it. Be A Better (Wo)Man and discover Fringe before the end. Face Yourself, you've been curious or else you wouldn't be reading this.

Sadly, I didn't get to Observe It Live for the finale, only the second time that happened this year. I remember a past season where Fox changed the day or time, or someone else moved a show against Fringe, and I had to record it to watch later. This was before the third season made me realize Fringe deserved priority and that I should have been watching it instead of whatever that other show was. So, I Cross(ed) The Line and never looked back.

I've been a dedicated viewer since the moment I realized that Love Is The Answer, around the second episode. I didn't have a blog at the time, so I professed my love on Hulu. But I was never the kind for Breaking Out and saying, "Look at me!" I never wrote my own fan fiction and neither did I create any art. I haven't used what meager drawing skills I once had for anything more than weapons. Human faces? Not a good fit with me. Oops, getting sidetracked.

I got the first two seasons on Amazon when I could. There was no rush since I had already seen them and TV seasons are none too cheap. Season three I got just after Christmas at Best Buy. I was walking through the store looking for something else and it caught my eye because it was on a great sale. I had planned on buying it, eventually. Even though the show is incredible, too expensive is too expensive. But now, now that everything is in it's right place Across The Universe, I will Take the Lead and pre-order this season on Amazon, because they've topped themselves yet again, which is a given that shouldn't surprise me anymore but is still always breathtaking. If you want to find a place Where You Belong, buy this series and treasure it. I'm not stopping you from going elsewhere for a better price, but if you like this blog and want to be the *Enemy Of My Enemy please consider using my DeepDiscount links below. Amazon affiliate links are no longer available in my state.

*Well that was a hard one to fit. Hope I didn't miss a Fringenuity hashtag.

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