Smoke and Mirrors


For most of the first season of Fringe, William Bell (the great Leonard Nimoy) was nothing but an invisible entity, just a name, but one that kept coming up in connection with terrible things. In season two, he was instrumental in helping Peter, Walter, and Fauxlivia get back home. Later on he returned as a voice speaking through Olivia. And now, at the risk of making a huge understatement, Bell has shown he's a man gone too far, a genius scientist with a God complex, something Walter was afraid of becoming. Apparently, his ambitions went unchecked in this timeline.

I wonder how much of this Bell is like the one from the old timeline. How did this self-sacrificing friend turn into someone capable of grinning while ignoring an innocent person lying bleeding on the ground? We've never been given much insight into the man behind the curtain, but in a show overflowing with mysteries, it's nice to have a few pieces of this puzzle we still haven't placed.

Many thanks go to IGN for the link.

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