Tomorrow We Build a Better World



As all fans know, tomorrow is the season finale of Fringe. We helped save the show through Twitter and GetGlue by convincing Fox they needed to give it the ending it deserves with one more season. Now we have to show them our gratitude by being as active as we were before and trying to get more people to watch. Even if the show is ending soon, it's a story that will stand the test of time and should be loved by everyone. I often wonder how many people will be kicking themselves for not having watched when Fringe was on and desperately needed a larger audience. I hope some people I know will be among them.

In a lovely tribute, NikolaiOfTardis remade the Fringe opening with Fringenuity hashtags.

The puppet master, William Bell, is of course my icon for this final Fringenuity event of the season. I'm not sure which of these two I'm going to use, though. I would love to use the Bishop/Bell one, but I liked these the best.


Get your own Fringenuity icon packs and banners to spread the word about the finale at


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