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Heart of the Team - Coulson Lives 2

Okay, so I lied. I said I wouldn't do another drawing for the Coulson Lives Project. Two days later I started this one. It was drawn in Inkpad and shaded in Art Studio, both for the iPad. I spent over a week on this, constantly going back over bits I'm not quite happy with. I'm currently obsessed with Avengers and learning these art programs. It takes up a lot of time, which I need for other obsessions. I'm mired in this one right now because I love the character and believe the right writer(s) could bring him back in a sequel in an emotional way that wouldn't lessen the impact of his apparent death.

This heart isn't just for Coulson but for the whole team.  At first I was going to use all superhero personas, but that didn't fit well and I like real names better. I was going to use all last names, because it all started using "Coulson Lives," but that didn't fit either and was too impersonal. Then I did a mix and I ran into the same problem. Finally, first names worked. I would have liked to use "Phil," but I have to keep "Coulson" for the project.

I could have said "Hulk Smashes," but who hasn't heard that a million times? I almost said "Thor Hammers," but no kidding...and that sounds odd. Originally I had "Barton Snaps," because he does some snap shooting (firing without aiming). I thought it might also work for his change of heart regarding Loki, but that doesn't really apply since it was mind control and not cracking under pressure. "Swagger" works better here since he's quite confident in his abilities. There is a lot more to Natasha than glaring, but she does it well and "kicks ass" is more than one word. Also, I already had Thor pummeling and Bruce brawling. I needed something different. Of course, Steve assumed the role of their leader in the end, so that one never changed. The first and last piece of the puzzle was Tony. I had from the beginning "Tony Snarks," you know, because he's snarky. But that just didn't sit right with me because it seems that's not a form of the word, though it should be. So, I chose "Sparks" not only because he grates against everyone, but because he's fired up when Captain America questions his motives and basically his heart.

Alrighty, that's enough of that. Time to get back to hookblading the hapless guards in Assassin's Creed:Revelations.

Update: For fun I added two variations.



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