Our Hope ~ Coulson Lives


Our Hope - Coulson Lives

Just my little contribution to #CoulsonLives. Oh my God, is it really finished? It damn well better be or I'm going to cry and have a fit. I spent entirely too long on this, too many late nights. I almost can't believe I'm done...and contemplating another. Won't happen, but I'd like it to.

Does it look like I went overboard with the message? Maybe. That's because I couldn't stick with a decision. There was a lot of fooling around with Bezier curves, colors, gradients, anchor points, et cetera, to get things exactly right. And then I changed my mind...and changed it again. I give you them all at once, because I don't have time to make three different "cards." Then I would be very tempted to play around, change the background over and over, maybe attempt a character, and I'd probably quit half way through.

I actually had more than a few ideas. If only I remembered how to draw, I could have done what I wanted originally. Coulson's face in comic book form might have played a part. I'm envying all those wonderful people with drawing skills who have already contributed and those who are just doing it for themselves, especially the ones behind these beauties:

Okay, back to me. They're in order of first to last idea, even though the first was the last to be finished and the third uses the second's unmodified lettering. And don't even get me started on that. I made two completely different sets of letters for this. Don't know why. It almost made me nuts. I definitely have respect for font designers. It can take years to design a complete font. Took me three weeks just to come up with a few decent glyphs. Why didn't I just use an Avengers-type font? I like it, but I was already working on my own before I thought of it.

Boy, this would have been so much quicker to draw in sand. Why didn't I? Because a few people have already. And seeing as I don't have sand, that probably wouldn't work. I would love to be more efficient, but I'm new to vectors. Only completed a couple little things. Looks like it will be a while. Hopefully, I'll keep at it...maybe with program other than Inkpad. After a while, I guess if there are too many objects (both visible and hidden), there will be ghosts you can't delete, paths you can't separate, objects that suddenly multiply when you're trying to get rid of them, and crashes that make it impossible to undo the last thing it screwed up. Though, I can make a decent enough whatchamacallit here, I'm thinking about getting iDraw since Inkpad hasn't been updated in forever and is seriously limited and starting to be frustrating.


  1. Nice! I sympathise, I used to draw a lot, but never as well as some of the agents posting their artwork for the project. And now I'm so out of practice I might as.well be drawing xkcd. Plus trying to learn on an Intuos tablet... Frustrating much?

  2. Thank you! I used to draw all the time in high school, when there were actual classes. My college had nothing and I basically stopped, except for weapons. Me likely knives. By "xkcd" do you mean the Web comic? I don't even know if I could do that. XD

  3. And, wow, I just now noticed that my avatar is blank. I've had this blog for a year and a half.


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