Son of Coul Now Just $10



Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Son of Coul is at RiptApparel today. I wasn't going to be buying any more shirts for a while, no matter how great. But I have to make an exception for this wonderful work of art. I had this on my list of must buys, but it wasn't going to be any time soon since it was $30 at RedBubble and I had already just spent that amount on a Coulson Lives shirt. Get yours now. They're gone in 11 hours. They start at $10 plus $2.75 shipping.

Update: Sadly, my shirt arrived soon after with a hole. Because it's a one-day deal all I could do was get a refund. But RiptApparel is an excellent company and refunded my money immediately without fuss. Eventually, I'll have to get an unripped version from RedBubble for $30, though.


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