I May Be Zany


I remember having an intense dislike for Hi Honey, I'm Home. My family and I "watched" this when it aired on ABC in the '90s. I would call this refuse, slime, filth, muck, but I never want to associate this bag of crap - no, that makes me think of Paul Rudd on Friends - with The Princess Bride. Hmm, hideous swamp beast? Yes, I think that fits. It must have been the only thing on in that time slot, because we regularly made fun of it and wondered how it could possibly exist. I thought it couldn't be worse than I remembered. It is. What 14 minutes of this show got out of me was one small smile, two heh's, and a whole lot of brain leakage.

I watched this today only because, instead of The New Adventures of Old Christine, Lifetime was having a marathon of Dance Moms. I'd rather kick myself in the face.

First Season, $25.99

Second Season, $37.99

Complete Third Season, $29.99

Complete Fourth Season, $47.99


Bonus: Did you love Clark Gregg (Agent Couson) in the Marvel movies? He's in Old Christine and makes the most out of every scene, as do Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hamish Linklater, Wanda Sykes, the rest of the cast, and all the guest stars. Just hilarious.


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